American Medical Response

American Medical Response

American Medical Response (AMR) is dedicated to being a patient-focused, customer-centered and caregiver inspired—making a difference by caring for people in need in the Santa Clarita Valley and all over the nation. Working to change the face of healthcare for patients in homes, work settings, and communities, they offer a series of customizable services to best meet the needs of everyone in the communities they work in, and being a part of these communities are very important with all of their technicians residing in and being a member of their community.

Dedicated to offering the most complete medical services possible, American Medical Response has developed their line of Air Ambulances with a fleet of twelve air ambulances that are able to provide service for critical care, advanced life support, and basic life support. AMR Air is fully accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), and carries the highest allowable insurance limits in the industry.

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Air Ambulances are just one way that American Medical Response seeks to distance itself from its competitors and provide all of their clients from the Santa Clarita Valley and across the entire nation with the absolutely highest level of service and care they can possibly provide and they will continue to expand these programs to keep striving to meet their goal.

In their efforts to continue providing the public with the best service possible they have been redesigning and redeveloping to come up with new solutions to best help hospitals and healthcare workers do more with less and offer new ways to help keep costs down by doing things like offering to share the risk of patient costs, throughput efficiencies, leased unit hours and correct levels of service.

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Their unique communication services allow them to notify the appropriate hospital staff of a patient leaving a hospital bed immediately allowing the hospital to fill that bed again as soon as possible with little confusion.

Committed to serving the communities in which they operate, AMR has started programs and services to better help their communities, such as AMR Medicine, a program that promotes evidence-based patient safety programs, the CARES Program, which tracks sudden cardiac arrest survival rates in communities, the American Medical Response World CPR Challenge that helps in training people around the globe in the life saving practice of CPR, and many other local training programs of all kinds.

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American Medical Response
1055 West Ave. J, Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: (303) 495-1200

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American Medical Response – Lancaster, CA

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