Back to Health Chiropractic

Back To Health Chiropractic

Wishing to help relieve the physical tension that afflicts the people of Santa Clarita, the Back to Health Chiropractic practice works with patients to give them a highly unique and individualized treatment. Whether it is typical back pain, hip pain, or even remaining accident pain, Back to Health is there to help any stricken patients, both new and returning ones.

Overseen by Dr. Carolyn Griffin, she works with all of her staff and sees to the proper treatment for every ailing patient. With over twenty years of experience under Dr. Griffin’s belt, each and every patient should feel at ease when under the care of her very experienced hands. Along with simply treating patients, Dr. Griffin and her team make a great effort in educating their patients as much as they can, spanning from informing them of possible causes of particular injuries to discussing the basics of the human anatomy and muscles involved in some of the patient’s daily activities.  

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According to many of the Back to Health patients, some of the immediate effects from a visit include, but are not limited to, heightened flexibility, increased energy, and, of course, instant pain relief. Personalizing treatments for each and every patient, Dr. Griffin and her team take the time to evaluate each patient by the lives they have led and the ones they lead now, including the discussion of previous and current physical activities, lifestyles, etc.

These evaluations not only provide Dr. Griffin and her team to treat patients properly in that moment, but to also help increase the comfort in everyday movement and living. They are also proud to provide these positive results to patients without the use of drugs or other medications, but only through their therapeutic techniques.

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One of the central services Back to Health offers is their professional massage service. Other than providing the standard spinal adjustments, Back to Health Chiropractic also offers the hands of their therapists to provide patients with a relaxing massage. Working to ease all aches and muscles, the therapists at Back to Health completely understand the craziness that the people of Santa Clarita go and live through everyday, and they wish to work out the basic kinks and stress by providing a relaxing atmosphere through these massages.

Dr. Griffin and her team of professional therapists at Back to Health Chiropractic practice urge all stressed out citizens or those in pain to seek out their Santa Clarita practice to bring some ease to their everyday lives.

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Back to Health
26505 Carl Boyer Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Phone: (661) 250-1517

Monday and Wednesday
 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
By Appointment only

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Back to Health Chiropractic – Santa Clarita, CA

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