Mr. M’s Woodshop

Mr. M's Woodshop

With decades of experience in woodcraft, Henry Mowry, or as he’s otherwise known as, Mr. M, sold his first cutting board in 2014, and thus created his venture in building cutting boards, cheese boards, and small boards for sale at Mr. M’s Woodshop online.

Beginning his woodworking experience through building sets and props in the theater department of the University of Missouri in 1974, Mr. M only went on to add on to his wood-building experience through his work at school and even through the fixer-upper situations he was dealt with his first apartment and home. Maintaining years of expertise, Mr. M proudly offers his services and products for the residents in Santa Clarita Valley and beyond

Wood-building in Santa Clarita

Mr. M makes it a point to work with only very hard woods when crafting his boards, both domestic and international, some of which being Cherry, Goncalo Alves, Hickory, and Purpleheart. He also offers a variety of sizes for each category of board. The sizes of cheese boards he makes are 8” x 10” x ¾” up to 12” x 19” x 1-½” and cutting boards beginning at 12” x 12” x 1-¼” up to 16” x 24” x 1-½” and even beyond.  

When it comes to personalization, Mr. M can also play with a number of patterns and designs, depending on the grain chosen. An edge grain will provide a sleek striped look, and an end grain will offer an eye popping checker design. Because of the high quality materials that Mr. M uses in his work, his cutting boards will not show the wear and tear as easy as boards made from a lower quality. Nearly all of the boards made include finger holds on the sides of the boards as well as rubber bottoms to help prevent slipping. Depending on preferences, Mr. M would also be happy to cut in a juice groove to retain any dripping liquids. He is also more than capable to engrave a name, date, and more into the desired board order.     

Handmade Woodcrafts in Santa Clarita

While Mr. M holds a large inventory of generally prepared boards, it will take just a few weeks to personalize any order, but Mr. M promises its completion before a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. While local Santa Clarita residents are able to pick up the board from his Valencia home for free, shipping will come with a mere charge.

Nevertheless, Mr. M is dedicated to pleasing the chefs in everyone’s lives and guarantees the satisfaction in the quality of the board that Mr. M provides.

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Mr. M’s Woodshop – Valencia, CA

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