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Strike Krav Maga Self Defense

Get in the physical shape necessary to take on the world with Strike Krav Maga Self-Defense, located on Ruether Avenue in the Santa Clarita Valley. Strike Krav Maga incorporates only martial arts techniques that are effective and practical for everyday situations into a comprehensive curriculum that allows all students to achieve their martial arts goals. Whether you’re enrolled to improve your fitness, increase your self-defense skills, or for sheer enjoyment, Strike Krav Maga in the SCV guarantees a fun and fulfilling martial arts workout.

At Strike Krav Maga, you’ll receive access to instructors who have multiple level black belts in a variety of martial arts techniques, as well as members of law enforcement who have earned certifications in multiple areas of self-defense. Co-owner and Los Angeles County Sheriff John Forma has been training in Krav Maga for three years, and can offer both personal martial arts and firearms training as a Krav Maga Alliance Certified Firearms Coach. Co-owner Bonnie Formia has earned several instructor certifications from a variety of fitness and self-defense organizations, including American Fitness Professionals and Associates and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Get In The Physical Shape Necessary To Take On The World With Strike Krav Maga Self-Defense

The education of John and Bonnie, as well as the rest of the staff at Strike Krav Maga, allows them to offer a variety of courses to meet a range of self-defense needs. SKM offers personal and group sessions covering topics in everything from strength training to tactical defense, as well as training for military units, women’s groups, and law enforcement agencies. SCV families can even enroll their 9 – 13 year olds in the Krav Maga Evolution course, which combines functional fitness, safety, self-defense, and situational awareness skills into a focus-based curriculum. During this class, kids can discuss life skills, fitness skills, bully defense, and self-defense with their peers in a safe and supportive environment.

Strike Krav Maga is proud to offer top-quality self-defense classes to the Santa Clarita Valley. You’ll find instructors who will challenge and push you to reach new fitness heights and martial arts proficiency, along with classmates who love all that Strike Krav Maga has to offer, and will help you reach your self-improvement goals.

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26883 Ruether Avenue
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
(661) 295-2005

We hope you can join us on April 25th and 26th, 2015 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!

Strike Krav Maga Self-Defense – Santa Clarita, CA

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