Happy.co Treatments and Suppliments

Happy.co Treatments and Supplements

Everyone has an ailment they would love to do away with. Happy’s supplements heal a wide array of physical conditions; available to anyone around the world at the click of a button. Low on energy? Increase resistance to fatigue and stimulate new cell growth with Happy’s Energy formulation. Suffer with join pain?

Happy’s Flex formula can improve mobility and reinforce much needed cartilage. Do you just feel worn out after a long day? Take a breather with the Relax supplement. Strengthen your immune system weakened by psycho-physical stress and encourage night rest.

Review the amazing benefits of Happy’s most popular products below, and visit their site, here, for a full list of every product available in the Happy market.


Energy is designed to improve physical and intellectual vitality, increase resistance to fatigue, reduce recovery time, control stress management and encourage restorative rest during the night.energy formula

The Morning Treatment stimulates the cells to quickly recover optimal levels of energy and defense, so they’re prepared to address the new conditions of hyper-consumption required by physical and mental activity during the day.

The Daily Treatment corrects the level of antioxidants due to tiredness or excessive tonic stimulation, and stimulates the adrenal and seminal glands, encouraging resistance to fatigue, the reduction of recovery time and the control of physical and mental effort.

The Evening Treatment helps you recover from the physical and intellectual efforts of the day, enriches the cell with energy and nutritional elements, enhances the level of antioxidant defenses and improves the quality and duration of sleep, facilitating the full recovery of energies for the following day.


Flex is designed to protect, defend and reinforce weakened and painful joints, reduce and alleviate joint pain, improve mobility and reinforce the cartilage.

flex formulaThe Morning Treatment quickly allows cells to recover optimal energy and defense levels, so that they are in ideal conditions to face the aggressions of the day. This thwarts the evolution of the joint problem and eliminates the free radicals that contribute to aggravating the state of the joints.

The Daily Treatment contributes by constantly keeping the natural cellular metabolic processes high, corrects the level of antioxidants and regenerates the cartilage in order to allow the progressive and constant reduction of joint pain and cartilage degeneration

The Evening Treatment intervenes in the renewal process of cells altered by chronic inflammatory processes typical of joint ailments. It exercises an anti-inflammatory action, increases the calcium pool, improves microcirculation, stimulates bone anabolism and encourages the fixation of Calcium, making it possible to accelerate the processes of re-construction and bone re-mineralization.


The objective of Relax is to improve the mood and encourage night rest, which is fundamental in helping reduce the relax formulaharmful effects of stress.

The Morning Treatment helps cells quickly recover their optimal levels of energy and defense, placing them in ideal conditions to address the aggressions of the day and particularly thwart the excessive production of free radicals caused when the body is under stress.

The Daily Treatment contributes to constantly maintaining heightened natural cellular metabolic processes and the level of antioxidants, which are indispensable in the case of psycho-physical stress. The daily path also encourages the process of falling asleep, prolonging its duration and improving its quality.

The Evening Treatment intervenes in the process of cellular renewal, particularly of the immune system weakened by psycho-physical stress. It enriches the cell with energy and nutritional elements, enhances antioxidant defenses and improves night cellular re-oxygenation, preparing the body to resist the aggressions of the next day.

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