Silktree Soapery

Silktree Soapery

Silktree Soapery, created by Fransiska Tanadi, is a local Santa Clarita business that produces organic handmade bars of soaps. When it comes to skin care, Tanadi understands that not everyone can be satisfied with generic products.

A number of soap companies focus on cleaning the skin, but they don’t make the soap work with the skin to do so. Therefore, your skin is left feeling dry, itchy, possibly in a rash and just irritated afterwards. Having a husband and a daughter that deal with skin sensitivity, Tanadi decided that it was time for her to put her art skills to work and in October 2013 Tanadi was crafting her own skin safe bars of soaps and Silktree Soapery was created.

Organic Handmade Soap

By using Tandi’s soaps, never must you worry about those harmful detergents and questionable preservatives. By using Silktree Soapery Products you can trust that your bars of soaps are made from the best organic and essential oils and made with skin safe fragrances.Silktree Soapery

Not only are Silktree Soapery’s items safe for you and your family, but the products are extremely artistically formed as well. Why trust Silktree Soapery? Because it’s an honest company created by a woman that knows and understands what is needed for your skin. And let’s not forget about Silktree Soapery’s great prices.

Not everything green and organic has to cost you a fortune and Tanadi proves that by making her custom made products highly affordable. Say goodbye to your standard forms of soap, and say hello to a great new decorating piece. Tanadi doesn’t just make organic soaps, no; she makes organic soaps fun and beautiful.

Soap Art

Whether you want to reflect on your childhood memories, think of the ocean, or you just love sweets, Tanadi has created bars of soaps for all of those needs and more. A number of people are attracted to soap art, but since when are they actually good for you to use as real body soap?

This is what makes Tanadi’s products stand out from the rest. So give Silktree Soapery a chance and trust Fransiska Tanadi to do good by you the way she does for her family.

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Silktree Soapery

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