Cutco Knives

Santa Clarita home cooks love Cutco cutlery and cookware for their backyard barbecues, house gatherings, family get-togethers, and holiday feasts. When searching for culinary accessories, it is important to select high quality kitchen knives and tableware to achieve peak-cooking performances to impress your guests. Cutco knives make cooking preparation safer and more efficient for your Santa Clarita home events.

Cutco knife products are designed for the most proficient use. Their knife handles possess a universal wedge-lock grip, symmetrically designed to accommodate both the left and right hands, small or large. This handle is contoured perfectly to allow the thumb and forefinger to lock effortlessly, yet securely, for a safe and controlled grip. This design allows for the workload of the hand to be distributed evenly, while maximizing power between the thumb and fingers, without adding fatigue to the whole hand.

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Cutco’s knives are made from the best quality materials. The handles are made from thermo-resin in order to prevent chipping or cracking, and are safe for the dishwasher as they will not absorb any moisture. The blades are made out of stainless steel, high-carbon, which provides loftier sharpness and edge retention. They are easy to clean and are beautifully presented.

The Cutco Double-D knives are a series of three different cutting edges that are sharp as razors and are recessed, running along the edges of the blade. They provide the most efficient and consistent smooth cuts for all types of foods, and they stay sharper than the straight edges. The Double-D edges are designed to cut forward, backward, and downward, all with equal effort and performance, everytime. The points along the cutting edges protect the knife’s keen sharpness for years during use, so the quality is preserved longer than your average kitchen knife.

Not only does Cutco design high quality knives and knife sets, but they also sell other kitchen supplies and gadgets to fill all your Santa Clarita cooking preparation needs. Check out Cutco’s knife sharpeners, peelers, can openers, pizza cutters, wine openers, frypans, pots, shears, cutting boards, tool sets, flatware, and more on their website. Cutco cutlery culinary products are easy to use and will last you for years to come.

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