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LeafFilter Gutter Protection can protect your gutters on your Santa Clarita home.

LeafFilter is the largest gutter protection company in the world. From its innovative design to its seamless installation, LeafFilter offers you the best gutter protection on the market to ensure your home is safely protected.

The gutters on your house are designed to remove rain water away from the base of your home. Water travels from the gutters to the downspouts. In order to be effective, your gutters and downspouts must be free of any debris. Gutters also need to be at the correct angle in order to allow the flow of the rainwater to ghetto the downspouts.

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When water is not flowing effectively through your gutters, it can be because of serious clogs. If serious clogs are not dealt with, it could cause damage to areas of your house and it’s surroundings.

LeafFilter can install the most effective gutter protection to your Santa Clarita home to help you avoid most of these problems.

With LeafFilter gutter protection, only water enters your gutters. Because there are no holes, gaps, or large openings, it avoids water damage to your home. Their patented 3-Tier system pairs a micromesh screen, uPVC frame, and structural hangers effectively accepts and manages water without collecting any debris.

“LeafFilter has been widely recognized as the leading pro-installed gutter guard system by its customers, media outlets, and review services.” LeafFilter is proud to help Santa Clarita homeowners keep their gutters clear and their homes safe.

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