Damsel In Defense

Damsel in Defense

Damsel in Defense of Santa Clarita is an organization dedicated to helping women defend themselves when they are in unfortunate situations. They prioritizing equipping, empowering, and educating women in being able to protect themselves and their families.

Self-Defense Tools For Women In Santa Clarita

Damsel in Defense prioritizes in equipping women with the tools they need to protect themselves. With items such as variations of pepper sprays, tasers, alarms, and stun guns, they provide tools that are a crucial part of everybody’s self-defense.

With the extremely high sexual violence statistics, Damsel in Defense is dedicated to playing a part in lowering those statistics. Especially in colleges, sexual assault is more frequent. As a result, they play their part in the Santa Clarita community, a college town, and surrounding communities in an effort to combat sexual violence.

They not only serve the Santa Clarita community, Los Angeles Community, or even the whole of America. They help women all around the world. This is done by the Damsel House Project. This project began in 2015 and strives to adopt a safe house in every country possible as the company grows. Damsel in Defense has homes in both Cambodia and India, where girls rescued from sex trafficking are housed and are able to have a life full of hope and free from selling their bodies.

Kathy Card, a Damsel Crystal Director. Her goal was to help protect her mom, her girlfriends, her sisters, and every woman nationwide. She states, “I feel good knowing I am doing my part in lowering the rising statistics of sexual assaults.”

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They also play a part in digital defense. Digital Defense by Damsel in Defense is a branch that specializes in protecting customers from identity theft and fraud. Every 2 seconds, an American is a victim of identity fraud and 1 in 10 kids under 16 is a victim of identity theft. These statistics from their website shows a need for digital defense with everything becoming more and more digital these days, and they offer you the protection from it.

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Damsel In Defense


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