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SCV Landscaping is a wonderful landscape construction company that delivers amazing flair to the lawns of people in Santa Clarita. The company started with its two owners Rob and Nick who got their start in 1978, with plumbing and real estate development. Along the way these two saw a big opportunity to plan and create very unique outdoor properties for people. The company does specialize in front yards and backyards as well, with a guarantee that you will be proud of your lawn quality.

Bringing Uniqueness To Lawns

There are a few different types of ways that SCV Landscaping stands out to the people of Santa Clarita. One such way is that they treat every project as if it were their own lawns. Taking extra time and care to make sure the home owners are satisfied. Another great specialty of theirs is that they are very transparent about everything. One of the first conversations that they have is about the budget, which they are very conscious and aware of, for each customer. One of their most touted attributes that this company has is experience.

Every project that they do always has a unique blend of experience from the owners all the way to the project managers. The last attribute they are great at is their creativity for each project. The company has an endless supply of creative ideas that are sure to cater to all of their customers needs and ideas.

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A great specialty that the company uses is that they do project financing for customers. They offer up to 20% of a total project at zero percent over 12 months, and they can even go up to 50% of the total project as a home equity loan. The availability for each persons project is usually a case by case scenario, however they are very flexible with their customers. For any more details and inquiries of their project financing please contact them.

At SCV Landscaping in Santa Clarita, they understand how important it is to make your yard luxurious yet also functional. The staff is tailored to be as unique and helpful to everyone as they can. If you are ever in need of revamping your lawn, SCV Landscaping should be one of the first on your list.

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We hope you can join us at the 2020 KHTS Home and Garden Show at Central Park on April 25th and 26th, 2020 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!

SCV Landscaping

23890 Copperhill Drive #265

Valencia, CA 91354


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