Organic Sweat Shack

Organic Sweat Shack

Southern California is a beautiful place to live. Sadly, ash from local fires, wild temperature fluctuations, fast food and high concentrations of dust and pollen can play havoc not just with our skin, but our ability to the heal, detox and fight off illness. Organic Sweat Shack , located right on Main Street in Valencia, specializes in helping residents detox and fight off illness, with the added benefits of weight loss and pain relief.

Most people have an average of two to four million sweat glands. But how much sweat is released by each gland is determined by many factors, including gender, genetics, environmental conditions, age or fitness level. A fit person will start sweating earlier and easier. As you become more fit, your body becomes more efficient at regulating temperature and sweat glands adapt, along with other bodily systems.

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An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association is even more direct, when it states that a moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams in a sauna, consuming nearly 300 kcal, which is equivalent to running 2–3 miles. A heat-conditioned person can easily sweat off 600–800 kcal with no adverse effects. While the weight of the water loss can be regained by drinking water, the calories consumed will not be (because water is calorie-free).

Sweat does more than just help regulate your body temperature, however. Controlled sweating, using infrared rays, can serve the dual purpose of pushing toxins out of the body, which can promote relief from disease and actually help you look and feel better. Infrared rays are part of the spectrum that come from the sun. These rays are the warmth that you feel in the sunlight that “disappear” when you step into the shade, even through the surrounding air temperature hasn’t changed. Infrared rays are absorbed directly by the body in the form of heat.

The infrared heat from the patented systems at Organic Sweat Shack is invisible and penetrates the skin several inches beneath the surface, increasing your core body temperature. Hospitals have been using infrared heat for decades to keep newborns warm and bring relief from disease. The Organic Sweat Shack system is designed use infrared rays to boost the immune system while attacking the bane of bodies everywhere – cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fluid retention, lack of circulation, weak collagen structure and increased body fat. Clients at Organic Sweat Shack notice a reduction of these unattractive lumps and bumps by sweating out the toxins, excess fluids and stored fat that may break down connective tissue.

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The patented FAR infrared saunas can also greatly speed up the detox process, as it heats tissues, enhancing the body’s natural metabolic processes. This is especially useful for those suffering from injuries that may limit their exercise ability, or those that simply a hectic schedule that limits time to maintain the proper exercise regimen. Schedule a Sweat session with the Organic Sweat Shack and start benefitting from FAR infrared saunas that work so well, they are patented.

Organic Sweat Shack
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