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Much of the contemporary lifestyle is spent at work, often with little time left over to take care of your physical health, mental well-being, and nurture relationships with your loved ones.

But sometimes, even a steady paying job isn’t enough to get you out of the pit of debt, or even give you the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.  Since 1993, AdvoCare, a premier health and wellness company, has afforded millions of families the opportunity for increased energy, financial freedom, weight loss, and more time with loved ones.  Just ask Real Andrews.

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Real Andrews will guide you to total physical wellness.

Located in the Santa Clarita Valley, Real Andrews is a motivational speaker and fitness professional with more than thirty years of experience.  After experiencing the results of AdvoCare’s advanced nutritional supplements, as well as the empowering support of the AdvoCare community, Real now spends his time helping others change their lives through finding the optimum physical and financial wellness that AdvoCare affords.

The company’s nutritional supplements, backed by research and expertise from their Scientific and Medical Advisory board, provide increased energy and improves physical wellness, qualities that can prove elusive during daily life.

For the first time since the country was founded, five out of ten babies born in the United States today won’t outlive their parents, thanks to issues such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure, the results of genetics as well as a sedentary lifestyle.

Real knows how important physical fitness is for maintaining a truly fulfilled, well-rounded lifestyle, and works with AdvoCare to bring world-class nutrition and financial freedom to people throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.  Real has witnessed the positive impact of AdvoCare firsthand: thanks to the extra income generated through his partnership with the company, he pursues his passion as the instructor of his own gym, while also having the free time to attend every one of his children’s school functions and take his family on trips to exotic locations, such as the Bahamas, Paris, and Hawaii.

Thanks to the increased energy, well-being, and overall fulfillment he found through AdvoCare, Real is truly his own master, and wants to give back to the Santa Clarita community by helping its members empower themselves physically, mentally, and financially.

With AdvoCare, true change is possible. Let Real Andrews help.

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Real & Michele Andrews
AdvoCare Distributor
Santa Clarita, CA
Distributor ID 10072115

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We hope you can join us on April 25th and 26th, 2015 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!


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